Искусство заключается в том, чтобы найти необыкновенное в обыкновенном и обыкновенное в необыкновенном…

Art is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extraordinary.

— Дидро. Д. / Diderot. D.

Youth multidisciplinary olympiad


10/01-January 14, 2023

05/05 — May 09, 2023


Uzbekistan, Tashkent/Samarkand




 To enable children to receive an unbiased assessment of the level of knowledge, receive certificates and diplomas, put into practice the acquired knowledge, exchange experience, and interact with leading universities in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Europe.




Children from 9 years old to 22 years old are invited to participate.


 NOMINATIONS: English language, mathematics, art and culture




 Grand Prix of the Olympiad: a week in a summer language school in Europe or a week-long tour of Europe!


 OLYMPIAD-COMPETITION in foreign languages::


  I round. Grammar and vocabulary test (lexical and grammar test).

Based on the results of the 1st round, participants are issued Certificates with the assignment of the appropriate level

(A 1, A 2, B 1, B 2, C 1).


 II round. Essay (Composition-reflection). Participants, in accordance with the assigned level, write an essay on one of the proposed topics.

 III round-Dialogue. Participants communicate with members of the commission on given topics.

According to the results of the II and III rounds, Diplomas are awarded, corresponding to the points received for the essay

(Participant 0-29, Pass 30-59, Achievement 60-79, Excellence 80-100).


 OLYMPIAD COMPETITION in mathematics, biology and physics takes place in one round.

 OLYMPIAD COMPETITION in the areas of «Art and Culture» takes place in one round.

 Requirements for instrumentalists and vocalists: 2 pieces of free choice of different character or one virtuoso piece or one movement of classical sonata/concert (performing time up to 10 minutes)

 Choreography requirements: 1 or 2 numbers, with a total duration of no more than 10 minutes.

Requirements for DPI and fine arts: submit one finished work and defend it.



 The jury of the Olympiad are teachers of International Schools from England, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan and  Uzbekistan.



 The Olympiad is supported by: Organizing Committee «Alliance of talents» (Bulgaria), OXFORD International Educational Group (United Kingdom), World Music in Kazakhstan, LAL Language Centers (United Kingdom, USA) , Treehouse English School (United Kingdom, Italy), school Genesis (Uzbekistan)


For participants and winners there are discounts for summer language courses.

In addition to participating in the Olympics, the program includes presentations of European schools, colleges and universities,an excursion to Samarkand.


 Nominations «Art and culture»:

 Piano — soloists

Piano ensembles (one instrument only, 4 hands)

String instruments — soloists

String Ensembles

String instruments — small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)

Wind instruments — soloists

Wind instruments ensembles

Wind instruments — small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)

Folk instruments — soloists

Folk instruments ensembles

Folk instruments — small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)

Percussion instruments — soloists

Percussion Instruments — Ensembles

Percussion instruments — small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)


Vocal classical soloists

Vocal classical ensembles

Vocal classical small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)

Vocal pop soloists

Vocal variety ensembles

Vocal pop small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)


Choreography — modern dance

Choreography — folk dance

Choreography — stylized dance

Choreography — ballroom dancing



Theater groups

fashion theaters


Arts and Crafts


 Requirements for participants in the nominations «Art and Culture»:

  1. Instrumentalists perform one or two works of free choice, with a total complexity of no more than 8 minutes.
  2. Vocalists perform one or two works of free choice, with a total complexity of no more than 8 minutes.
  3. Dancers perform one or 2 dances with a total difficulty of no more than 8 minutes.
  4. ISO provide work in any technique and defend it in front of the jury.



This schedule is for informational purposes only. The organizing committee has the right to change the schedule of days depending on the accepted applications and technical needs.




1 day 

Meeting at the airport (station or checkpoint). Arrival in Tashkent.

Accommodation in a hotel.

Registration in the Organizing Committee.

Lunch at a national restaurant.

Excursion program in Tashkent: Visiting the Madrasah Kukildosh (16th century); Visiting the Hasti Imam complex with the Holy Quran (644-656): Kaffal-Shashi madrasah (16th century); Madrassah Barak-Khan (16th century); Orthodox Church, Catholic Church, Modern City Amir Temur Square; Iskiklol Square, Courage Monument and Alisher Navoi Park; As far as possible «Tashkent Metro»

Dinner at a national restaurant



2 day



 09:00 -12:00 Olympiad. 1 and 2 tour tour for linguists. Basic tour for natural sciences.

 13-00 Lunch at the national restaurant. Visit to the Next Shopping Center…..

 15:00-19:00 Competitive auditions in the nomination Art and Culture. 3rd round for linguists.

 19-00 Dinner at the national restaurant


3 day


Breakfast. Continuation of the excursion in Tashkent: a photo shoot in the «Tashkent Metro» with exits in several squares of Tashkent. Optional visit to the shopping mall or TSUM

13-00 Lunch at the national restaurant.

16-00 Rewarding.

17-00 round table for leaders.

19-00 Dinner at the national restaurant.


4  Day

Breakfast. 7-30 Departure to Samarkand. Arrival in Samarkand.

Meeting at the Samarkand railway station. Excursion program for the whole day in Samarkand: City tours: Guri Amir Mausoleum (1404) (here, among other things, pay attention to the famous Kok-Tash throne stone, over which representatives of the Sheibanid dynasty (XVI century) were crowned); Ruhabad (XIV century) (according to legend, the hair of the Prophet Muhammad is kept. According to one version, the mausoleum over the grave of Sheikh Burkhaniddin Sagardzhi), Aksaray (XV century), further, the Registan Ensemble, which consists of three madrasahs: Ulugbek Madrasah (1417-1420 years), Sher Dor Madrassah (1619-1636) and Tillya Kori Madrassah (1646-1660).Madrassah is a Muslim educational institution for the training of the clergy.

14-00 Lunch at the national restaurant.

14-00 Continuation of the excursion program (with a Russian-speaking group). Visit to the largest mosque in Asia, Bibi-Khanym. Architectural complex «Shokhi-Zinda Necropolis» (11-15th century), Ulugbek Observatory.

Museum and ruins of the old city of Afrasiab (VIII century). It is believed that Afrasiab was the ancient Sogdian capital — the famous Marakanda.

Dinner with a master class. Transfer to the station. 18-00 Departure to Tashkent by comfortable high-speed train. (economy class tickets) to Tashkent. 22-00 arrival in Tashkent. Hotel accommodation. Relaxation. (if desired, you can extend your stay for 1 day for an excursion to Bukhara, then check in on November 01).


5 Day

Breakfast. Optional visit to the «Chor-Su» bazaar.

13-00 Lunch at the national restaurant. 17-00 Seeing off at the checkpoint or airport.


Cost: 430 dollars

 Included in cost:

  • Accommodation at the hotel, meals breakfast+lunch+dinner
  • Transport service for the duration of your stay
  • Excursions every day, including high-speed train to Samarkand.
  • Handout for participants of the Olympiad
  • Registration of participants
  • Registration fee for participation in one nomination, handout.
  • Diplomas and certificates of international standard


Not included:

  • Participation in the second nomination (optional) $50
  • Trip to Bukhara 60$
  • Personal expenses.

Possible airport of arrival Bukhara (in this case the program is recalculated)


Applications are accepted until December 10th.
When applying before November 10 lunches are a gift!

until April 1 for May 2023 (when booking before January 31, a trip to Bukhara as a gift)


Contacts of the Organizer +77765003666 WhatsApp


See application form below.


Application for the Olympics.

________________________________( (dates, country))

1.Name of the educational institution (or courses)

  1. Address (country, city, street, etc.)
  2. team leader name, phone number, e-mail
  3. Number of participants
  4. List of participants and accompanying persons

Please save columns.




№№ Full name in Latin and gender Age, class and date of birth Passport nomination
1 Ivanov Ilya


14 Age / 8 Class



date of issue 01.10.2006

expiry date 30.09.2016

issued by (MIA  KAZ)


English language (or mathematics or other …)
2 Ivanova Nadezhda


35 Age



date of issue 01.10.2006

expiry date 30.09.2016

issued by (MIA  KAZ)




  1. Do I need extra nights ___ (from ___ to ___)
  2. Flight data (if tickets are purchased independently, you can make a correction before October 20)
  3. If you need an official invitation for an organization to arrange a business trip (full name, full name of the head of the organization))


  1. Letters of thanks or certificates to teachers (name, position, thank you for that ..)

 Submission of an application automatically confirms acceptance of the terms of the Olympiad.


 Supplement to the application for the nomination «Art and Culture».                       

Attention!!!! It is necessary to fill in all columns of the application without abbreviations. After receiving the application, we form statements and the order of speeches, and also register you in the table for printing certificates and diplomas.



Competition name, date ______________________________________________


The full name of the group or the full name of the soloist (as it should be written in the diploma), as well as in Latin letters, as in the passport.

separated by commas country, city, region, region



Brief description of the team or soloist (year of formation, awards, performances, where, when, areas of work, achievements)



 Full name of the head (with indication of position and rank)


Nomination (for example: pop vocal, folk choreography, piano solo)



Age (how many full years or from ___ to ___ years for a team or soloist)


The program of the performance (name of the work, choreographer, composer, author, full timing up to seconds, number of performers (for each performance), technical requirements (what kind of technical assistance do you need to perform the program. The organizing committee will try to provide you with this assistance if possible ):



Data of the manager and other contact persons (postal address, e-mail, mobile phone)
Additional wishes


E-mail for receiving messages and applications:



 *In the column Number of people, if you have several participants and they are accompanied by general leaders and accompanying persons, then fill them in only ONE application!!! You do not need to write accompanying persons in each application. Or write a remark that the leaders and accompanying persons are listed with another (full name) participant.

 ATTENTION! The APPLICATION (if it is impossible to fill it out accurately at the submission stage) can be supplemented or corrected by you before the trip (EXCEPT FOR SOME GRAPHS) in agreement with the org. committee. REQUEST! PROVIDE A COMPLETELY FILLED AND ACCURATE APPLICATION NOT LATER THAN 14 DAYS BEFORE THE START OF THE TRIP!!! CHANGES AND ADDITIONS SENT LATER THE SPECIFIED PERIOD WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!!!



 E-mail for receiving messages and applications:

 Invitations for a visa are sent only after payment.



WhatsApp +7 776 500 3666

                     +359 88 783 5619

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