Искусство заключается в том, чтобы найти необыкновенное в обыкновенном и обыкновенное в необыкновенном…

Art is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extraordinary.

— Дидро. Д. / Diderot. D.

Junior multidisciplinary olympiad


 18 -24 March 2023 


Hungary (Budapest)-Czech Republic (Prague)-Slovakia (Bratislava)


Languages: English, German, French, Czech, Russian****(as a foreign language, for European pupils and students)

Exact sciences: mathematics, physics, biology

Art and Culture: vocal, dance, instrumental music, art direction.




To give children the opportunity to get an unbiased assessment of the level of knowledge, to receive certificates and diplomas, to apply in practice the knowledge received, exchange of experience, interaction with the leading universities of the Czech Republic, England, Germany, France.




Children from 10 to 25 years accompanied by parents or group leaders are invited to participate.




 I round. Grammar and vocabulary test / Test lexicale et grammatical/ lexikalische und grammatische Test / prueba de léxico y gramatical / Test lessicale e grammaticale / lexical-grammatical test.

At the end of round I participants get certificates with an appropriate level ( A 1, A 2, B 1, B 2, C 1).


II round. Essay (Writing-thinking) / Essay (Writing-pensée)/ Essay (Writing-Denken)/Ensayo (Escritura-pensamiento)/ Saggio (Scrittura-pensiero) / Essay — reflection.) Participants, according to the level assigned, write an essay on one of the suggested topics.

(Participant 0-29, Pass 30-59, Achievement 60-79, Excellence 80-100).

Those scoring 80-100 points will be admitted to the third round.


Round III Conversation test (Talk-Talk)

According to the results of Round III diplomas are awarded


OLYMPIAD-CONQUEST in Mathematics takes place in one round: logic problems, equations, examples, and mathematical riddles.




There are native-speaking teachers from the Czech Republic, Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy and Kazakhstan in the jury.




The Olympiad is supported by the First Slavic Grammar School in Prague, the Organizing Committee «Alliance of talents» (Bulgaria), OXFORD International Educational Group (United Kingdom), World Music in Kazakhstan, LAL Language Centers (United Kingdom, USA) , Treehouse English School (United Kingdom/Italy),




For participants and winners there are discounts for summer language courses in the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Germany and England.

In addition to participation in the Olympics, the program includes presentations of European schools, colleges and universities, guided tours of Prague, visits to the Prague Zoo. (Optional excursions to Dresden, Berlin, Vienna, Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Nuremberg, Bamberg*, Pecs — Villan, Gödöllö — Vác. Opportunity to extend your stay)

Opportunity to participate in two nominations***




1 day 18/03.


Transfer from Budapest airport to the place of accommodation (official meeting time from 08 — 20h — included in the price of the package. For flights arriving earlier or later an individual transfer fee is calculated and payable additionally). Hotel accommodation. Check-in at the Organizing Committee.

Sightseeing in Budapest.

Dinner at 19-00. For late flights — cold dinner.


2 day 19/03

07:00 — 08:30 Breakfast

10:00 Olympiad Opening. Presentation of juries and educational institutions.

1st round of Olympiad for linguists.

12-00 II round of Olympiad for linguists.

Time for lunch.

Optional Optional excursion (to be ordered and paid for in advance, together with the Olympiad package). For those who do not go on excursions free time. Opportunity to take a boat trip on the Danube.



3 day 20/03

07:00 — 08:30 Breakfast.

09-00 Olympiad in Exact Science.

14.30 Optional sightseeing excursion (to be ordered and paid for beforehand, together with the Olympiad package). For those who don’t go on excursions free time.



Day 4 21/03

07:00 — 08:30 Breakfast Departure to Bratislava. Bratislava sightseeing tour. Time for lunch. Transfer to Prague. Possible excursion to Vienna. Accommodation at the hotel.




5 day 22/03

07:00 — 08:30 Breakfast

09-00-11-00 III Tour for linguists.  Excursion to Prague Castle and Old town.

Time for lunch.

Free time or sightseeing in Kutna Hora.



Day 6 — 23/03

07:00 — 08:30 Breakfast

Free time or sightseeing in Berlin/Dresden/Vienna/Czech Krumlov



Day 7 24/03

07:00 — 08:30 Breakfast

10-00 Prize-giving. Closing of the Olympics.

Excursion to Prague Zoo.



8 day 25/03

07:00 — 08:30 Breakfast

(For early flights, breakfast in the form of dry rations).

Transport to the airport.


The cost of the Olympic package is 800 euros.


The cost of the package includes:


— Accommodation for 7 nights in a 3* hotel in triple rooms.

— Meals — breakfast (optional, pre-ordered dinners 20 euros).

— Airport-hotel-airport transfers (only on official arrival-departure days and in the specified time range. For guests staying on other days, the cost of transfers is calculated on the basis of the number of people and time. (official meeting time from 08 — 20 h — included in the package price. For flights arriving earlier or later an individual cost of transfer is calculated, paid additionally)).

— Handouts for participants

— Sightseeing in Old Prague: Wenceslas Square Old Town Square, Town Hall, Astronomical Clock, Powder Tower.

— Excursion to Prague Castle and Hradcany: Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Loreto, Charles Bridge.

— Excursion to Prague Zoo. One of the largest and most modern zoos in Central Europe. The zoo is located in the Troja Park in a picturesque valley among rocks and reservoirs.

— Excursion around Bratislava.

— Excursion around Budapest.

— Boat trip on the Danube.

— For a group of 10 people, the head is free. The flight is not included.


Note: The organizing committee reserves the right to change the order of the olympic days, based on the technical necessity.


Please note: Organizing Committee does not guarantee accommodation with other people to reduce the cost. Participants and leaders themselves need to distribute the wards on the principle of division of boys/girls or other options, given that if there will be a couple or one person, the rate will be charged according to the announced price list, if there are no rooms with four or more beds.

Double occupancy supplement: 150 euros per person in a double room for the entire period. Single occupancy supplement of 250 euros per person for the entire period.

*Possible excursions for groups’ choice (*Additional fee):

*excursion to Český Krumlov+excursion to Nuremberg 60 euros.

*excursion to Vienna 60 euros (only with arrival from Bratislava)

*Excursion to Berlin 70 euros.

*Excursion to Dresden 55 euros

*Excursion to Kutna Hora 45 euros

*Tour Bamberg + Nuremberg 150 euros

*Guided tour to the Toy and Barbie Museum EUR 30, incl. admission fees

* Sightseeing in the Railway Kingdom 30 Euros, including entrance fees


Additional nights 60 euros per person.

Additional nomination (second language or math) 50 euros


Applications will be accepted until February 01, 2023.

If you book until December 30, 2022 you will get a 50% discount on the second nomination, and a guided tour to Vienna as a gift!

If you book before November 30th, 2022 the discount on the Olympic package is 100 euros  


Contacts for CIS: +77014301999 (WhatsApp), +77012633122, +77051881988


To buy group or individual tickets you can use our services and our direct contacts with airlines, or contact any convenient for you airline / travel agency.


Attention!!! Documents for opening visa are provided only after the 50% payment to the account of the Organizers.


See below for the application form.


The application form for the Olympics.

________________________________ (dates, country).

Name of educational institution (or courses).

Address (country, city, street, etc.). of supervisor, telephone, e-mail

4.number of participants

5.List of participants and accompanying persons

Please keep the columns.



6.Do I need extra nights___(from___ to___)

7.Whether airfare is needed(_)

  1. Flight information (if tickets are self-purchased, adjustments can be made)

9.If an official invitation is needed for an organization to arrange a business trip (full name, full title of the head of the organization)

If you need letters of thanks and certificates to teachers, please, fill in full data (1.Director of Gymnasium № 1, Samara Petrova Anna Illinichna, 2.Teacher of German/English/Mathematics Pavlova Nina Sergeevna) in the form, under this (10) point.

Correction at the Olympiad venue is not allowed. Not ordered in advance certificates can be sent during a month at the expense of the recipient.

Submitting an application automatically confirms your agreement to the terms of the Olympiad.

E-mail for messages and applications:

Invitations for visas are sent only after payment.

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