Искусство заключается в том, чтобы найти необыкновенное в обыкновенном и обыкновенное в необыкновенном…

Art is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extraordinary.

— Дидро. Д. / Diderot. D.

The international multigenre festival-competition «Sunny Bulgaria»

The international multigenre festival-competition “Sunny Bulgaria”
Kiten, Bulgaria
19 – 26 June, 2016

is held by the organizing committee of international creative project of the children and the youth’s development, called “WORLD MUSIC” (Kazakhstan), together with the Bulgarian company TA “VASI” (Bulgaria).


Goals and objectives:
To reveal talents, to open the borders between different countries with the help of creative exchange of talents and to motivate children and the youth for the further creative success.

Applying due date the end of taking applications is 1 May, 2016.

The following people are invited to participate:

The musicians of different schools and ages, ensembles, orchestras, choirs, duets, trios, quartets and other variety shows, instrumentalists, vocalists, etc.
Choreography: dancers of all schools (folk dancing, stylized dancing, ballroom dancing, etc.)

The painters, designers, fashion theatres, theatre ensembles, readers and animators.

Age categories:

1) 5-6 y.o.; 2) 7-9 y.o.; 3) 10-12 y.o.; 4) 13-15 y.o.; 5) 16-18 y.o.; 6) 18-20 y.o.; 7) 21 and more y.o.

The nominations:

1. The piano – soloists and Piano ensembles (only 1 instrument for 4 hands)
2. The string instruments — soloists, ensembles and variety shows (up to 5 people inclusive)
3. The wind instruments — soloists, ensembles and variety shows (up to 5 people inclusive)
4. The folk instruments — soloists, ensembles and variety shows (up to 5 people inclusive)
5. The percussion instruments — soloists, ensembles and variety shows (up to 5 people inclusive)
6. The orchestras
7. The classical vocalism soloists, ensembles and variety shows (up to 5 people inclusive)
8. The variety vocalism soloists, ensembles and variety shows (up to 5 people inclusive)
9. The choirs
10. The choreography – contemporary dance
11. The choreography – folk dance
12. The choreography – stylized dance
13. The choreography – ballroom dance
14. The theatre ensembles
15. The fashion theatres
16. The designers
17. The arts and crafts

Program requirements:
For the instrumentalists of 1, 2 and 3 categories
– 1 work, chosen freely, with the duration of not more than 4 minutes.
For the instrumentalists of 4, 5, 6 and 7 categories – 2 various works. It is desirable to perform polyphony or major form + their country author’s work or the work of technical nature. The duration should be not more than 6 minutes.

For the vocalists of:

1, 2 and 3 categories 1 work at option, not more than 3 minutes total.
4, 5, 6 and 7 categories 2 various works at option, not more than 5 minutes total.
Choreography: 2 performances for all the categories and ages, with the total duration of not more than 6 minutes.
Art and crafts and designers – 2 works.

For readers: 1 work or extract. Not more than 3 minutes total.

For animators: 2 speeches on different themes, with the total duration of not more than 4 minutes. The speech should be on the free theme and the second should be as a presentation of any composer, poet, writer and artist.

For the fashion theatres: 1 show with the duration of not more than 4 minutes.

For the theatre ensembles: 1 performance with the duration of not more than 5 minutes.

Grades criteria: the artistry, artistic image vividness, stage self-mastery, understanding the epoch style, technical efficiency, performing accuracy, accordance of competitive repertoire to the performers’ age and the appraisal from spectators.

The competitive program is appraised by jury, taking into account the performer’s age, stated in the application.

The jury estimates the performances with closed ballot. The qualifying estimating method is applied during this competition.

When choosing the candidate for the grand prix award, if there are candidates with the same points, the final word will rest with the chairman of the organizing committee.

Laureates of 1, 2 and 3 classes and prize recipients of 1, 2 and 3 classes are chosen in each nomination and age category. There is one grand prix for all the nominations and age categories.

The judges have the right to share the places, prizes and other awards between participants.

All the teachers, sponsors and instructors will be given with the certificate on the stamped paper.

The grand prix of the competition is a gift of money and a commemorative statuette from the “WORLD MUSIC” organizing committee.

1 place – laureate of the 1 class diploma and the commemorative statuette from the “WORLD MUSIC” organizing committee, an invitation to one of the competitions, held by the “WORLD MUSIC” international project organizing committee in any country without having to pay the fee.

2 place — laureate of the 2 class diploma.

3 place — laureate of the 3 class diploma.

4 place – prize recipient of the 1 class diploma.

5 place — prize recipient of the 2 class diploma.

6 place — prize recipient of the 3 class diploma.

There also will be special diplomas and the gifts of money from Primorsk city hall and Kiten city hall.

Among the judges will be the Laureates of International competitions and Honored Art Workers from Italy, Poland, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.

The cost: 300 Euros (10% fee to the agencies)

This includes:

Staying in TRPL en suite

Four meals a day according to the “open buffet”** ALL INCLUSIVE system. During the excursion days the meal is given as boxed lunch.

Transfers on official check-in/-out days.

Discos and other entertaining programs.

Fee for groups.

1 place for the instructor of the group consisting of not less than 10 people is given for free with the meals and excursions.

To be paid additionally:

Additional payment for the soloists – 30 Euros a person.

Additional payment for the variety shows: duets – 15 Euros a person; trios, quartets and quintets – 10 Euros a person.

* Excursion to Nessebar is voluntary. The cost is estimated according to the number of people.

* Trip to Nessebar water park + excursion around Nessebar.

* Dinner in Bulgarian village, watching the dances on coal – from 50 Euros.

Additional night is 25 Euros a person.

Contacts: Kazakhstan, Karaganda, the organizing committee of international creative project of the children and the youth’s development “WORLD MUSIC”, phone numbers: +77014301999, +77051881988



“Rositsa Sh” (Kiten) camp – is fully renewed and famous young people’s sport camp “Balkanika”. In due time the complex was made to train Bulgarian sportsmen from CSKA club. After complete reconstruction the camp has saved its excellent convenience for the young sportsmen and improved housing conditions and meals.

The camp consists of three 5-storey buildings with the rooms accommodating 3-4 people.
Each room has a balcony and it is en suite (there are a shower, a toilet and a sink).

The camp is located on the small peninsula with the area of 50.000 sq.m., which forms beautiful bay with sandy beaches. It is exactly the protection from waves that the sea is always in calm state. The distance from the buildings to the beach is 150 m. In the complex there is own moorage for yachts and on the bay of which there is Marina hotel, where the parents, who have decided to spend their holiday with the children, are accommodated.
Kiten renovated park is 50 meters from the complex and a shopping and entertaining centre of Kiten resort town is 500 meters from the central entrance to the camp. The complex is a park zone with fruit trees and flowers. Each building and sport construction has a beautiful view of the sea.

In the rooms: Clean and renewed rooms with all the facilities. The children are accommodated in the rooms in amount of 3 people.
In each room there are: some furniture, a bathroom unit with a shower and a sink, a cupboard, a desk, some chairs, some comfortable one-and-a-half beds and a balcony.


The camp provides 5 meals a day:
-breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and vitamins table.
(in the menu there necessarily are: seasonal vegetables and fruit, fresh meat – dairy products), Russian and traditional Bulgarian food, according to the Sanitary Rules and Regulations standards, the children are fully served by the waiters in the canteen.

The territory has:

  • A swimming pool (25*12.5m/depths 1.8 – 2.2m/t +26-28)
  • 4 tennis courts (24 * 13 m)
  • A table tennis hall
  • Bicycle rent
  • Beach volleyball
  • Professional football pitch with tartan surface (100 * 64)
  • 2 basketball courts (25 * 15 m)
  • 2 volleyball courts (17 * 9 m)
  • Covered gym for the dancing groups (36 * 18 m / ceiling height is 8 meters)
  • All the gyms and courts are — free – according to timetable (the time is defined when reserving)
  • Animation program every day
  • Cinema
  • Stage for performing animation programs in the evenings
  • Covered hall for holding events
  • Discotheque

Obligatory service:

  • Vault at the reception (1 vault for a group)
  • 24-hours doctor
  • Rescue team
  • 24-hours guard
  • Changing the bedclothes in rooms – once a week
  • Cold and hot water – 24 hours

Health service:

The doctor is available 24 hours. Monitoring the children’s health condition. “Energy” health centre operates in the complex; it is equipped with necessary medicines for the first aid. The following people work there: a pediatrician, a surgeon and one physiotherapist. In the health centre there are 2 isolation wards – for boys and for girls.

Additional service:

  • Internet (to be paid)
  • Computer hall
  • Café at the camp territory
  • Currency exchange office
  • Laundry (to be paid ~ 5 UE per 6 kg loading)
  • International connection (call cards are for sale)

The beach:

The distance to the sea is 150 meters.
Excellent sandy beach with sloping bank.

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