Искусство заключается в том, чтобы найти необыкновенное в обыкновенном и обыкновенное в необыкновенном…

Art is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extraordinary.

— Дидро. Д. / Diderot. D.

English language competition / Олимпиада — конкурс по английскому языку

English language competition

Holding period: 2-8 May, 2016.
Holding place: Spain, Costa Dorada, Tarragona.
Holding aim: to give children the opportunity to get an unprejudiced mark of their knowledge level, to receive the certificates and diplomas, to practice the received knowledge, to exchange some experience and to interact with the leading institutes of higher education of Spain and Czech Republic.
The children at the age of 12 – 21 years old are invited to participate.

The English language academic competition consists of 2 rounds.
I round. Grammar and vocabulary test.

Regarding the results of the I round the participants are given with the Certificates of a conferment of appropriate level (А 1, А 2, В 1, В 2, and С 1).

II round. Essay. According to the confirmed level the participants write the essay, choosing one of the offered themes.
Regarding the results of the II round the Diplomas that correspond to the achieved marks for the essay are given.
(Participant 0-29, Pass 30-59, Achievement 60-79, Excellence 80-100).

Among the judges of this academic competition there are the teachers from the leading Barcelona institutes of higher education, the teachers from the first Slavic Gymnasium in Prague and the teachers of English from the International schools of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The discounts for the summer language course are provided for the participants and the winners.
Except participating the competition, the program contains the presentation of European schools, colleges, institutes of higher education, an excursion around Barcelona, an excursion to Montserrat highland abbey* and a trip to Port Aventura Amusement Park!*

The program:
May 2 transfer from Barcelona airport to the competition holding place (and staying place – Costa Dorada). An accommodation in the hotel. Checking in the competition organizing committee. Lunch for the arrived is until 2 p.m. and dinner is at 7 p.m. There is a cold supper for the people from late flights.

May 3 — 7.30-8.30a.m. — breakfast. 9.00a.m. – receiving the consumables. Transfer to the competition holding place. 10.00a.m. – the competition opening. The presentation of schools and judges. I round.
1.00p.m. – lunch. Free time to communicate with the peers. The trip to Montserrat abbey* for those who wish.
7.00p.m. – dinner.

May 4 – 7.00 – 8.30a.m. – breakfast. 9.00a.m. – transfer to the competition holding place. II round.

1.00p.m. – lunch. The excursion to Barcelona after lunch.
8.30p.m. – dinner.

May 5 — 7.00 – 8.30a.m. – breakfast. Free time to relax at the sea.
1.00p.m. – lunch. Free time to relax at the sea. The trip to Montserrat abbey* or to Dali Theatre-Museum (Figueres) for those who wish.
8.00p.m. – dinner.

May 6 — 7.00 – 8.30a.m. – Breakfast. Free time to relax at the sea.
1.00p.m. – lunch. Free time to relax at the sea.
5.00p.m. – The festive awarding regarding the competition results.
6.30p.m. – Roundtable discussion for the instructors.
7.30p.m. – Festive dinner.
9.00p.m – Disco.

May 7 — 7.00 – 8.30a.m. – Breakfast. The trip to PORT AVENTURA Amusement Park for those who wish!
1.00p.m. – lunch (for those who are engaged in the excursion the lunch is received as the boxed lunch).

7.00p.m. – dinner.

May 8. 7.00 – 8.30a.m. – Breakfast (for those who fly with the early flights the breakfast is received as the boxed lunch). Transfer to the airport. Going home.

The cost for participants is 400 Euros.
The cost for the support team and the parents is 330 Euros.
This price includes:
Staying in the hotel for 6 nights 3*-4* (for the first 100 people the staying is in 4*)
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner (drinks are included). Boxed lunch during the excursions.
Transfers to the airport – Costa Dorada airport (only on official check-in/-out days. For the guests, staying on the other days, the transfer cost is estimated based on the amount of people and the time).
Barcelona loop tour with seeing Antoni Gaudi’s famous masterpieces (Sagrada Familia temple, Mila and Batllo’s houses as well as Paseo Gracia, Catalonia squares, Montjuic Mountains and Olympic Village.
1 place for the instructor of the group containing not less than 10 people is free.

For the additional payment you will be able to have:
Excursion to Montserrat abbey (40 Euros)
Trip to PORT AVENTURA Amusement Park children under 10 – 45 Euros, children older than 10 and the adults – 55 Euros. This price includes the transfer from/to the hotel and a ticket of 6 Euros for lunch.
Additional nights are 40 Euros for person.

Contacts: Kazakhstan, Karaganda phone number +77014301999, 8(7212)56-72-78,
Yelena Nikitina

Contacts in Spain:
Rima Jokubauskaite

Applications for the competition
1. The name of the school (or course)
2. The address (country, city, street and so on)
3. The instructor’s full name, phone number and e-mail
4. The amount of participants
5. The list of participants and attendants

Full name in Roman alphabet Age Passport details Expected English level and the period of studying
1 Ivanov Ilya 14 №000000 issued 01.10.2006
Date of expiry 30.09.2016
В1 (1 year)
2 Ivanova Nadezhda 35 №000000 issued 01.10.2006
Date of expiry 30.09.2016

6. Flight if needed (_)
7. Flight details (if the tickets are bought independently, you will be able to make a correction until 15 April)
8. If official invitation for the organization to formalize a business trip is needed (full name of the organization and the head’s full name)

An e-mail for accepting the messages and the applications:
You can send the visa invitations to the embassy only after payment.

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