Искусство заключается в том, чтобы найти необыкновенное в обыкновенном и обыкновенное в необыкновенном…

Art is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extraordinary.

— Дидро. Д. / Diderot. D.


18 June — 23/24 June 2023



Spain, Costa Brava/

(Portugal, Lisbon)



art and culture, English, French, German, Spanish, mathematics, physics, biology.


To enable children to receive an unbiased assessment of the level of knowledge, receive certificates and diplomas, put into practice the acquired knowledge, exchange experience, and interact with leading universities in Spain and Europe.



Children from 9 years old to 21 years old are invited to participate, accompanied by their parents or group leaders.

OLYMPIAD COMPETITION in foreign languages:

 I round. Grammar and vocabulary test (lexical and grammar test).

According to the results of the 1st round, the participants are issued Certificates with the assignment of the appropriate level (A 1, A 2, B 1, B 2, C 1).

II round. Essay (Composition-reflection). Participants, in accordance with the assigned level, write an essay on one of the proposed topics.

III tour.Speaking

According to the results of the III round, Diplomas are awarded, corresponding to the points received for the composition

(Participant 0-29, Pass 30-59, Achievement 60-79, Excellence 80-100).

OLYMPIAD COMPETITION in other subjects takes place in one round.

Nominations «Art and culture»:

Piano — soloists

Piano ensembles (one instrument only, 4 hands)

String instruments — soloists

String Ensembles

String instruments — small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)

Wind instruments — soloists

Wind instruments ensembles

Wind instruments — small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)

Folk instruments — soloists

Folk instruments ensembles

Folk instruments — small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)

Percussion instruments — soloists

Percussion Instruments — Ensembles

Percussion instruments — small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)


Vocal classical soloists

Vocal classical ensembles

Vocal classical small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)

Vocal pop soloists

Vocal variety ensembles

Vocal pop small forms (up to 5 people inclusive)


Choreography — modern dance

Choreography — folk dance

Choreography — stylized dance

Choreography — ballroom dancing



Theater groups

fashion theaters


Arts and Crafts


Requirements for participants in the nominations «Art and Culture» festival-competition «Spanish Ballad»::

  1. Instrumentalists perform one or two works of free choice, with a total complexity of no more than 8 minutes.
  2. Vocalists perform one or two works of free choice, with a total complexity of no more than 8 minutes.
  3. Dancers perform one or 2 dances with a total difficulty of no more than 8 minutes.
  4. Fine Arts provide work in any technique and defend it in front of the jury, as well as show their technique on a given topic in the presence of the jury.



The jury of the Olympiad includes teachers from leading universities in Barcelona, ​​teachers from LAL Language Centers, teachers from International Schools of English in England.



The Olympiad is held by the Organizing Committee of the International Project for the Creative Development of Children and Youth ALLIANCE OF TALENTS, World Music in Kazakhstan, Oxford International Education Group, LAL Language Centres, Girona District Tourism Committee.



For participants and winners there are discounts for summer language courses.

In addition to participating in the Olympics, the program includes presentations of European schools, colleges and universities, a tour of Barcelona. (OPTIONAL trip to Montserrat Monastery*, trip to Amusement Park — PORT AVENTURA*, trip to Portugal*).



1 day

Transfer from Barcelona airport to the venue of the Olympiad and accommodation (Costa Brava). Hotel accommodation. Registration in the Organizing Committee of the Olympiad. Lunch for arrivals before 14:00, dinner at 19:00. For late flights — a cold dinner.


2 day

07:00 – 08:30



Getting consumables.

Escort to the venue of the Olympics.


Opening of the Olympics. Presentation of the jury and educational institutions.

I round of the Olympics. II round of the Olympiad (linguists).


Dinner. After lunch excursion to Barcelona.




3 day

07:00 – 08:30


09:00 Escort to the venue of the Olympics.

Mathematics Olympiad. III round linguists.



Free time to socialize with peers.

For those who wish, a trip to Montserrat Monastery *

20:30 Dinner


Day 4

07:00 – 08:30 Breakfast

Free time to relax at sea.

13:00 Lunch

Free time to relax at sea.

For those who wish, a trip to the monastery of Montserrat * or to the theater-museum of Salvador Dali (Figueiros)

20:00 Dinner


Day 5

 07:00 – 08:30


Free time to relax at sea. For those who wish, a trip to the Amusement Park — PORT AVENTURA! *


Lunch *for those who are on excursions lunch in the form of dry rations

Free time to relax at sea.



Round table for leaders.

19:00 Festive awards following the results of the Olympiad.

Festive dinner.




Day 6 / Day 7

07:00 – 08:30


(for early flights breakfast in the form of dry rations).

Transport to the airport.

Departure home.

For those who wish, a full day trip to Portugal * — Lisbon, Sintra, Pena Castle (transfer by plane)



Cost for participants EUR 550 + EUR 250 Portugal (optional)

The cost for the support group and parents is 550 euros.

It is possible to participate in the second event (Olympiad in mathematics or in a music competition) for an additional fee of 50 euros.


Included in the price:


  • Accommodation for 5 nights in a 3*-4* hotel in triple rooms.
  • Meals — breakfast, lunch, dinner (water included). During excursions dry rations.
  • Transfers airport-hotel-airport (only on the days of official arrivals and departures. For guests staying on other days, the cost of transfers is calculated based on the number of people and time).
  • Handout for participants of the Olympiad
  • Escort to the venue of the Olympics.
  • Sightseeing tour of Barcelona with an inspection of the famous masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi (Sagrada Familia, Mila and Batllo houses, as well as Paseo de Gracia, Plaza Catalunya, Montjuic, the Olympic Village.
  • For a group of 10 people, the leader is free of charge. Flight not included.

Attention! The Organizing Committee does not guarantee sharing with other participants to reduce the cost. Participants and leaders need to distribute the wards themselves according to the principle of dividing boys / girls or other options, given that if one person remains, then the billing will be charged according to the announced price list if there are no rooms with four or more accommodation in the hotel.


OPTIONAL (Additional charge):


Excursion to the monastery of Montserrat (30-50 euros) depending on the number of people.

Excursion to the theater-museum of Salvador Dali (Figueiros — 45 euros for up to 10 years old and 55 euros for over 10 years old.


A trip to the Amusement Park PORT AVENTURA 100 euros for children under 10 years old, 120 euros for children over 10 and adults. The price includes transfer from / to the hotel


Full day trip to Portugal* — Lisbon, Sintra, Pena Castle (transfer by plane) from 250 euros (depending on the availability of seats on the plane) — it is advisable to book Portugal with an extra night.


excursion to Carcassonne / France from 80 to 90 euros (depending on age)


Additional nights 50 euros per person.

Supplement for double occupancy EUR 100 per person for 5 nights

Supplement for single occupancy 200 euros for 5 nights.


Attention! City tourist taxes are paid locally upon check-in at hotels. The total amount of taxes is about 7 euros for all days.


Applications are accepted until May 10.

When booking before December 30, 2022, a discount on the Olympic package of 100 euros and a trip to Montserrat Monastery as a gift!!

When booking before March 15, 2023, a 50 euro discount and a trip to Montserrat Monastery as a gift!!




This schedule is for informational purposes only. The organizing committee has the right to change the schedule of days depending on the accepted applications and technical needs.


Documents for opening a visa are provided only after 50% payment.


Contacts of the curator in Kazakhstan WhatsApp +77014301999, +77051881988

To participate in the Olympiad, you must:

  1. Fill out the form and send the completed one to the email address in Word format.

  1. Get an invoice for payment, make a payment
  2. Get an invitation to apply to the embassy and open a visa.
  3. Contact any travel agency in your city to order air tickets and help with visa processing or use the services of our department for booking groups and air tickets.


Contacts of the curator for the CIS WhatsApp, +7701 430 19 99

To purchase group or individual air tickets, you can use our services and our direct contacts with airlines.


Attention!!! Documents for opening a visa are provided only after making 50% payment to the account of the Organizers.


Submission of an application automatically confirms acceptance of the terms of the Olympiad.


Applications are accepted until March 23 for May and until May 01, 2023 in the prescribed form, strictly in WORD format, not scanned!, by e-mail


Copies of passports of participants and accompanying persons are obligatory!!!


The responsibility for the correct spelling of the full name and the rest lies with the Participant. All data filled in the Application will be copied to the Diplomas. Replacement of diplomas, certificates and certificates will be made only upon written request and sent by courier service at the expense of the participant. Letters of thanks that have not been declared earlier (within 10 days before the start of the event) are not issued!

The organizing committee reserves the right to change the schedule and schedule.

The decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal and contestation. All questions, if any, are discussed at the round table. At the end of the Olympiad, participants and teachers have the opportunity to discuss the results with the jury members and exchange opinions.


See application form below.



Application for the Olympics.

________________________________(dates, country)

1.Name of the educational institution (or courses)

2.Address (country, city, street, etc.)

  1. Manager name, phone number, e-mail
  2. Number of participants

5.List of participants and accompanying persons

Please save columns.

№№ Name Age Passport предмет Invite to visa
1 Julia Marcovic 14 years



from 01.10.2016

To 30.09.2026

English, math Yes(need)
2 Jack Richards 35



from 01.10.2020

to 30.09.2030

attendant No(have a visa)


  1. Do I need extra nights ___ (from ___ to ___)
  2. Do I need air travel (_)
  3. Flight data (if tickets are purchased independently, you can make a correction before October 20)
  4. If you need an official invitation to organize a business trip (full name, full name of the head of the organization)
  5. Letters of thanks or certificates to teachers (name, position, thank you for that ..)

Submission of applications is automatically offered with the conditions of the Olympiad.


E-mail for receiving messages and applications:

Invitations for a visa are sent only after payment.

WhatsApp +7701 430 19 99

Phone +359 887835619

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